Sunday, July 4, 2010

it's been a loooong break

Sunday, July 4, 2010
haha.. i guess u miss me? *bluerkkkk.. aan si perasan*
ya ya i know, i took a very looooong break
and i know u have soooo many questions
haha... again! aan si perasan

okay, my recent progress
what eh?
urm.. i just started my research around a month ago?
eh eh.. no, it's not a biiiig project
it's juz a simple mini project for my dissertation
which i supposed to finish it within 6 months *errr.. is it possible my dear supervisor?? ehe*
and i'm quite supprised to know that i started to like lab work
hahaha.. soooo not me!
it really exciting
but when it comes to materials... urgh, it makes me sick!
u know wut?
i've been waiting for my enzymes n other things for a month
and i'm stuck in the lab doing nothing

okay.. forget about my lab

here i'll tell u another story
i watched prince of persian alone
that's my first time and i feel kinda..errr.. i shud say.. i enjoyedwatching movie alone
hahahhaha.. so weird

n during my MIA
i watched lotsa movie
karate kid... the backup plan... knight n day...
consider as many la kan??? hahhahahhaha

okay.. yesterday...
we *my family* had a party of air kelapa
huih, sooooo refreshing
juz imagine.. my sis kupas kelape for 2 tandan okay
dont play-play.. hihihi
mabuk2 yamseng ngan ayaq kelape
n feel dizzy at the afternoon
but still... i went to jakel at shah alam with my sis
i like jakel shah's really huge
it is the best
and i dont like kl punye outlet
x best.. baju tak tantek..hahha

hoyeh.. we had so much fun
we enjoyed our shopping time together
u know wut.. my sis can be a good company to shop at those kind of kedai
juz imagine... we bargained for a chiffon kain worth RM68/meter
and they gave us only RM55/meter which they said that was the price for designers only
see see.. we saved RM13/meter you know?
hahahahahaha... worth it kan???
ohhh ofkoz that's not for me
uhu... i cannot afford that pricey material maaaa..hihi
lagiii.. RM25/m for a RM30/meter satin ape tah
dan macam2 lagi
another manager siap nak bagi kain rege 400++ for only 350 kat kitorang
and that price is for a meter only... not for 4 meter okay
gile kau
mane nak pakai baju mahal-mahal gitu
tak kose ai okay
end up.. for total, the manager gave us another 10% discount
hebat tak hebat tak??
ala.. ekceli dapat banyak diskaun sebab one of anak tokei tuh my sis dah kawtim laaaa
but tell u.... i oredi kopak
i spent a lot for my bajus *err... with 's' means banyak baju*
and oso for my sis in law n niece

note : hasil beli belah = 1 for my blouse, 2 pairs of baju kurung for me, 1 pair of baju kurong for sis in law and niece, and 1 pair for incek akbar punye baju melayu *yippiiiiiii*

woahhhhh.. if only i had millions of ringgit
incek akbar... take note pleaseeeee

p/s : i got a pair of english cotton... yes yes yes!!! tak sabor nak tunggu siap


suhaisweet said...

Nice n3..Very special for u.. Don’t Miss it!

theorangelily said...

suhaisweet : thanks a lot