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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

untuk minggu ini, wayang yg terpilih utk kami tgk adalah "the day the earth stood still". ekceli..aan idokla minat bangat di awalnye. incik akbar yg minat beriye nak tgk cerite ni. dan sbg memenuhi perjanjian -akbar layan aan nengok katon or movie yg kelako2, aan kene layan tgk movie yg die suke plak- mmule tak ikhlas sbb mcm x best aje :( tp sekali beli tiket..mak ngaihhh..penoh. oke, then i said to mysel,"ini adlh petanda cerite ini best" .

review yg dicopy paste dr sini

Hollywood, California - The Day the Earth Stood Still - Film Review by Lisa Miller (2008) Directed by Scott Derrickson, Starring: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Jon Hamm, Kyle Chandler, Kathy Bates - Fox/Rated PG-13/Sci-Fi/110 minutes.

So much has happened in the 57 years since 1951’s “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” that the remake would have made more sense positioning itself as that film’s sequel. The original, released on the heels of WWII and our terrifying use of the atomic bomb, concerned itself with the likelihood that more advanced civilizations might choose to wipe human beings out as a means of preventing us from becoming an aggressive force in the universe. The remake is concerned with new challenges and therefore issues an updated warning: Mankind must be eliminated to protect this planet, one of the few planets capable of sustaining intelligent life.

Once again, extraterrestrial emissary Klaatu, demands to meet with our world leaders (the alien is played in constipated mode by Keanu Reeves). When Klaatu’s request is denied by the U.S. Secretary of Defense (Kathy Bates), he could elect to override our electronic signals and instantly broadcast his message around the globe. Instead, following a meeting at McDonald’s with a member of his own kind (James Hong), Klaatu sets about enacting his chilling plan -- seemingly unconcerned that 4.5 billion years required to evolve earth’s only known sentient species.

Our entire hope for a second chance rests with Dr. Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly), a grief-stricken scientist clinging to her dead husband’s bratty child, Jacob (Jaden Smith). With the kid in tow, Helen ferries Klaatu to his various grim appointments, all the while pleading, “We can change.” Helen’s feeble efforts leave viewers wishing for the purposeful intelligence of Patricia Neal from the 1951 version. Will Smith’s son, Jaden, blows his opportunity as Helen’s stepson, failing to convey a precocious child’s awe and terror. We must only conclude that no truly advanced civilization would have allowed Dakota Fanning to outgrow her tweens.

The film’s special effects are adequate, if underwhelming. No less than 213 visual effects artists were employed to achieve a few CGI moments that could are no more impressive than those seen over several episodes of “Heroes.” Klaatu’s ship has become a gaseous, spinning orb constantly rotating its layers beneath a glassy surface. By constructing a spaceship mimicking a mini-Jupiter in earth tones, the film isn’t obliged to take us inside it. As for the remaining special effects, given that they constitute most of the movie’s few pleasures, I would be remiss to reveal them, except to say that Gort (Klaatu’s robot guardian), is now a much larger and more convincing CGI effect than the original version’s man in a rubber suit.

Klaatu’s awakening to mankind’s potential for goodness occurs not because we are aroused by the import of his message, nor because he appreciates the beauty of our art and intelligence, but happens during a moment of intense human emotion. The film’s resolution is as contrived as the most melodramatic 1950s movie-drivel. It matters not a whit that we’ve become more tolerant of one another or more motivated to save our fragile world. What matters here is that we tearfully console our fellow humans when all else fails. Such nonsense makes you wanna cry.

from my side, cerite ni amat best. cerite ni ader message mengenai kite, manusia dan alam sekitar dan diterjemahkan melalui cara yg tersendiri. dan paling penting, i like the hero, keanu reeves. kenapekah die nmpak very very cool n smart ha??? *incik akbar, sile take note. muahahaha*

ni le boipren lame ai . hiks

ehh..anak will smith pon belakon okeh. aan suke budak ni lam cite pursuit of happiness...s, gt cute ngan muke ineseng die. skang udah beso sikit. like father like son, die punye lakonan mmg tak mengecewakan. bulih ka nak buat menantu??hikhik

jayden smith in pursuit of happiness few years back

jayden smith ~now~ he's cute huh?


puterikurekure said...

kite nak chop jayden jadik menantu kite la. hehehe~
(leh tumpang idup sonang nanti..)

best ek citer ni?
uwaaa!!! nak tgk twilight!!!!

oRanGeLiLY said...

misstheorangelily to puterikurekure : ehhh...abih tuh? nati anak kite bermadu ah erk?? <<---padahal kawen pon idak lagik. hiks

best laa citer ni